Kansas City Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance

Make sure your AC is ready for those rising temperatures. Get expert Kansas City AC repair and maintenance from KB Complete. Call (913) 722­-6835 for a quote. Save instantly with our exclusive coupons and deals. Click here now!

Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance Kansas City, KS-MO

When your air conditioning system is not working properly, make sure you call the name that both Kansas City, KS-MO trust: KB Complete. Our prompt and efficient service will keep your family cool this summer. With thorough inspections and maintenance and knowledgeable staff available to you in case a repair is required, you can rest easy knowing you are completely covered.

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Common Air Conditioning Repairs

Here are some of the most common AC system repairs that we see:

  • Refrigerant problems or leaks ­- The refrigerant in your AC system is what cools the air being pumped into your home. If the refrigerant in your unit is running low, your first instinct may be to fill it back up. This would not be the right thing to do, as a damaged component inside might be causing the leak and adding more refrigerant could cause more damage.
  • Evaporator coil issues -­ The evaporator coil has refrigerant pumped through it to cool the air. One of the most common problems with this component is that the coil will freeze or become dirty.
  • Other Mechanical Problems ­- If you notice other issues with your air conditioner, such as clunking noises or other issues, chances are they are related to mechanical issues stemming from the wiring, sensors or drainage issues.

If you notice your air conditioner behaving strangely, the best idea is to call KB Complete right away. We can diagnose the problem quickly and make sure no further damages occurs while getting the issue fixed effectively.

Should I Replace my Air Filter?

Some of the more common air conditioner repair problems stem from a dirty or blocked air filter. The air filter is what allows air to flow freely through the system while also protecting the system from debris and removing allergens and pollutants from your air.

AC units with a dirty or clogged filter will need to work harder to run and ultimately become less efficient. We recommend changing your filter at least once or twice per year. We also recommend homes with smokers, pets or allergy sufferers to change their filter more often.

Don’t Hesitate, Call Today

Whether you need a repair or are looking to have your unit inspected or maintained, the experts at KB Complete have you covered this summer. Call (913) 722­-6835 and speak to our knowledgeable staff for a quote.