Kansas City Bathroom Faucet Repair & Replacement

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Bathroom Faucet Repair Replacement Services in Kansas City, KS-MO

Whether you have recently completed a full bathroom remodeling, or you are just looking to quickly perk your bathroom up, KB Plumbing in Kansas City, KS-MO have exactly what you are looking for.

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Repair or Replace

Many homeowners choose to update their faucets and fixtures when the old ones get worn down and begin to show signs of wear and tear. If your faucet is leaking or showing other signs of breaking down, you may benefit from a replacement.

Other reasons a homeowner may decide to replace faucets would be if they are changing the design of the bathroom and want a fixture that will match the new decor. Whether your reasons are structural or aesthetic, you can trust KB Complete with fast and comprehensive service and advice.

Common Faucet Problems

A dripping faucet is enough to drive someone crazy. There are other issues that pop up with faucets can include the following:

  • O­-ring issues -­ If your faucet is dripping around the handle it could be a sign of a loose or deteriorating O-­ring.
  • Broken washers ­- Over time, the friction of the washers pressing against the valve seat will begin to wear the washers. A broken washer is a common faucet problem.
  • Issue with past installations ­- One of the biggest mistakes we are sent to fix include repairing mistakes from past installations. Whether it’s in improperly sized washer or any number of other mistakes, you can trust that KB Complete will get it done right the first time.
  • Valve seat problems ­- The valve seat is what connects the spout and faucet. Over time water buildups can cause damage to the valve seat requiring replacement.

Why Trust a Professional?

When getting a faucet professionally installed you can be assured that all the proper steps are being taken. While there are many how­to’s about installing faucets and fixtures, the professionals at KB Complete guarantee their work and will ensure that you are provided the best service and a faucet that meets all your requirements and budget.

With a new and modern faucet you can expect to save money on repair costs and not worry about hearing a dripping sound in the middle of the night.

Whether you’re fixing a recurring problem, or updating the decor in your bathroom, call KB Complete for all your bathroom faucet and fixture needs. Call (913) 722-­6835 today for a quote.