Kansas City Breaker or Fuse Repair & Replacement

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Breaker or Fuse Repair & Replacement Kansas City

Dealing with a disruption to the electricity in your home can be frustrating. A broken breaker or fuse can cause serious disruptions in your home. For prompt and effective electrical services, call the experts at KB Complete. Our experience and skills are keeping Kansas City, KS-MO running. It’s our business.

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How Does a Breaker and Fuse Work?

A circuit breaker works by interrupting the flow of electricity to an appliance if the electricity levels become too high. When you trip a breaker, you are experiencing an outlet that has been overloaded with electricity. They are mainly intended to protect the wiring and prevent dangerous electrical issues like fires. Modern homes have breakers in them, they consist of a spring loaded contact that “trips” when the current gets too high. Breakers can trip an infinite amount of time without any serious consequences, as they can always be reset.

Fuses are typically found in older homes and work on the same principle as a breaker. The only difference is that a fuse can only trip once. A fuse is comprised of a metal strip that safely melts when the current is too much and interrupts the flow of electricity to your outlets.

Common Breaker Repairs

Some of the most common breaker repairs we see include:

  • Inadequate wiring
  • Replacing old or deteriorating circuits or wires
  • Hazards causing burning smells or popping sounds to come from the breaker panel
  • External repairs such as replacing the door to the breaker panel

Why Hire a Professional?

A professional electrician can repair or replace your fuses or breaker both safely and efficiently. We never recommend working on electrical devices on your own since even dead or short circuits can create hundreds or even thousands amperes of electricity. A mistake with an electrical DIY can often lead to injury or even death in severe cases.

When you hire a professional from KB Complete to perform your breaker or fuse work, you can rest assured the project will be handled correctly and safely. They can ensure that all the components are installed and assembled properly.

Don’t Wait, Call Today

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