Kansas City Heating Repair & Maintenance

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Heating Repair & Maintenance Kansas City

If your heater is acting strange now, don’t wait until it gets colder to get it fixed. At KB Complete we want to make sure your family is warm this winter. Heater problems should be addressed right away to reduce the damage and cost of the repair. If a problem is caught quickly it can usually be resolved quickly and efficiently.

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Common Heater Repairs

There are many things that can go wrong with a heater, but the most common heater problems we see are as follows:

  • Dirty or clogged air filter ­- The air filter is what allows air to flow freely through the system. A clogged air filter will put strain on the system, requiring it to work harder while making it less efficient.
  • Malfunctioning thermostat -­ The thermostat reports the temperature to the heater and lets it know when to turn on and turn off. If the thermostat is broken, you may have a heater that won’t turn on.
  • Mechanical Problems ­- Components like the fan motor or belts can malfunction, causing the heater to overheat or not work properly.

If your heater is acting strangely in any way, the best course of action is to call the professionals right away. When it comes to keeping your family warm, you can never be too careful.

How to Prevent Heater Problems

The signs that you might need a heater repair can be as obvious as a strange sound or leaking unit, or they could be as subtle as noticing a higher heating bill each month. Whether your heating is expressing obvious signs of repair, it’s still important to inspect your heater for issues to stay on top of things.

Having your heater inspected or maintained once or twice per year is enough to make sure that everything is running properly and will protect you from many unexpected repairs.

Trust the Professionals

When it comes to repairing and maintaining your heater, it’s always best to trust a professional. Dealing with fragile components and volatile substances is dangerous to DIY. The experts at KB Complete have the tools and experience necessary to complete all your heating repairs and maintenance.

With prompt and effective service you can always be assured you are getting top quality work. Call (913) 722­-6835 today for a free quote.