Kansas City Heating System Installation & Repair

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When to Get your Heater Replaced

With regular maintenance, a traditional heater will last an average of 20 years. If your unit is around this age, it may be a good idea to consider a replacement. There are also several warning signs your heater can exhibit that could mean you should replace sooner. If your heater shows any of these signs it may be time to install a new unit:

  • Heater is constantly breaking down or needing repairs.
  • Heating bill is increasing each month due to an inefficient unit.
  • Heater has become obsolete, meaning there are no parts available for repairs any more.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Heat pumps are gaining popularity with homeowners due to their low cost and high efficiency. A heat pump works similarly to an air conditioner, in that it moves air around your home. By using the air temperature outside, or the below surface soil ground temperature, a heat pump cools or warms the air in your home. Heat pumps are typically less expensive to run and can be powered by alternative energy sources such as solar power.

Common Furnace Problems

When the temperature goes down, you want to make sure your furnace is working properly. If your furnace shows any of these symptoms, you may need a furnace repair.

  • Strange noises coming from the furnace
  • Lack of heat coming from the vents
  • Leaking water on the floor around the furnace
  • Low airflow coming from the registers

Any one of these problems could mean a broken component or malfunctioning part in your furnace. At the first sign of furnace trouble you should call the professionals to have the issue sorted ASAP.

Why Trust Us?

Working on heating components can be tricky work. Make the right decision and get the job done properly the first time with the experts at KB Complete. Our trained technicians can have your furnace back up and running in no time. Call (913) 722­-6835 today for a free estimate.