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Electrical Lenexa, KS

Every day you rely on your electricity, from powering your devices to keeping the lights on so you can see, the electricity in your home is one of the most important luxuries we have. At KB Complete in Lenexa, KS we provide top quality service to keep your electricity running efficiently and safely.

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Do you Need to Replace your Breaker Panel?

Your breaker panel is the device that contains all your breakers or fuses. If it is malfunctioning or causing issues, the most responsible choice is to replace the unit. Other reasons to replace the unit include:

  • Damaged service cables ­- If the cables that run between your structural mount and breaker panel are damaged, you should look into replacement.
  • Water or moisture damage ­- Water or moisture of any kind in your breaker panel is a recipe for disaster. Call a professional and stay far away from your breaker panel if that is the case.
  • Overpowering or underpowering -­ If you are constantly tripping breakers, or alternatively it you are not receiving enough power, it may be time to make a change.
  • Improper installation ­- Right from the get­go if your breaker panel has been installed incorrectly, you should look into replacing it, as improper use could cause issues.
  • Obsolete or old parts -­ If your breaker panel is quite old, the service parts for it may no longer be available. In that case it is definitely time to replace.

Benefits of Owning a Generator

A generator is a mechanical device that attaches to the power in your home. When you experience a power outage, the generator will sense it and kick into action, making sure your home never really loses power. Some of the benefits of owning a generator include:

  • Electrical devices are protected during power outages
  • Food in your fridge or freezer will not go bad in a power outage
  • Peace of mind knowing you will not be without power

Once the electricity to your home returns, the generator will go back into standby mode, ready to act the next time your power goes out.

More Electrical Services

  • Electrical Repair
  • Outlet Repair and Replacement
  • Breaker or Fuse Repair and Replacement
  • Panel Box Upgrades and Installations
  • Wiring Repair and Replacement
  • Outlet Switch Repair and Installation
  • Lighting Replacement and Installation
  • Dimmer Lighting

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