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Electrical Mission, KS

A malfunctioning wiring system, outlet or panel box can be a sign of a more serious and dangerous problem. Electrical repairs should be treated with extreme caution due to the possibility of electrocution or fire. At KB Complete we work with all the updated building codes in Mission, KS to provide safe and comprehensive electrical work.

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Why Use a Generator?

A generator is a machine that attaches to your home’s electricity to provide uninterrupted power in case of a power outage. If the electricity goes out, the generator will sense it and kick in, making sure you are not without power.

Many homeowners use generators for the peace of mind. Knowing that you will not be left without electricity in case of an emergency is a relief. A generator will also help protect your electrical devices and keep your fridge and freezer running in a power outage.

Reasons to Upgrade your Panel Box

  • Experiencing frequent shorts or breakers tripping.
  • Hearing hissing sounds or burning smells coming from the panel box.
  • If you are upgrading or renovating your home, you may need to upgrade to accommodate you new electricity needs.
  • Over time, the service parts for your panel box will no longer be available. This is the time when a definite upgrade should happen.

Are you Still Using Aluminum Wires?

In homes built before the 1970’s the standard for wiring was aluminum wires. This is no longer the case, now we use copper wires. There are many reasons to switch to copper wires.

Including the following reasons:

  • Aluminum will oxidize. An oxidized wire can cause a fire.
  • A soft material like aluminum has the ability to bend and potentially miss connections.
  • Most electrical devices are not compatible with aluminum wiring.
  • With the potential to fray, aluminum wiring can cause fires.

If you are currently using aluminum wires in your home, call KB Complete right away to make the switch to copper. It’s a safer and more effective metal to use for the electrical wiring in your home.

Ask About our Other Electrical Services

  • Electrical Repair
  • Outlet Repair and Replacement
  • Breaker or Fuse Repair and Replacement
  • Breaker Panel Repair and Replacement
  • Lighting Replacement and Installation
  • Outlet Switch Repair and Installation
  • Dimmer Lighting

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