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Avoid the dangers of a DIY electrical project. Trust KB Complete for all your Olathe electrical services. Call us at (913) 722­-6835 today for a free quote. Find out how you can save on your next project with our coupons and excellent service deals.

Electrical Olathe, KS

When you have an electrical problem that needs fixing, the best route to go is to call a professional. Trying to do electrical work when you are not trained for it can be dangerous to both you and the wiring structure of your home. Besides electrocution, you could start a fire or even render your insurance policies void by doing your own electrical work. Call KB Complete for your next electrical project. Our technicians are completely up to date with training and building codes for Olathe, KS.

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Do you Have Aluminum Wiring in your Home?

Most homes built before the 1970’s will be equipped with aluminum wiring. If your home has this type of wiring, it is definitely time to make a change. The new standard in the industry is copper wiring, which is better than aluminum in many ways. Some reasons copper is better includes:

  • Aluminum will oxidize over time, copper will not. An oxidized wire runs the risk of overheating.
  • Copper is harder and more durable. Aluminum wires are soft and prone to bending. Bent wires can miss connections and cause electrical problems.
  • Most modern devices are actually completely incompatible with aluminum wiring.
  • Aluminum wires are prone to fray, which can cause electrical problems and fires.

If you are still using aluminum wiring in your home, call KB Complete right away to upgrade.

Save Money with a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans offer many advantages to homeowners. Besides being an excellent light source in a room, a ceiling fan can save you money on heating and cooling costs. By having your fan running you are moving the air around your room and taking some of the stress of your heating or cooling units.

We offer professional ceiling fan installation, making sure your fan runs correctly and efficiently.

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  • Electrical Repair
  • Outlet Repair and Replacement
  • Breaker or Fuse Repair and Replacement
  • Breaker Panel Repair and Replacement
  • Generator Repair and Installation
  • Outlet Switch Repair and Installation
  • Panel Box Upgrades and Installations
  • Dimmer Lighting

Don’t tempt fate with a DIY. For all your electrical needs call the expert electricians at KB Complete. We are licensed and insured, providing comprehensive electrical service to the Olathe, KS.

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