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4 Steps to Shut Down Your AC for the Winter

4 Steps to Shut Down Your AC for the Winter

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We only have about two months left until winter, and you should get thinking about preparing your heating and cooling ready for the winter. We’ll be seeing snowy weather soon and it can damage the condenser for your AC if it isn’t protected. Knowing how to properly shut down your AC can save you a costly repair or replacement next summer. If you don’t know, the experts at KB Complete have a step-by-step guide to protecting the condenser.

Here are the four steps to shut down your AC for the winter:


Get the AC and condenser repaired

Before you start your work, you should make sure the AC and condenser are in good condition. Check them both for damage and call for any repairs they need. Also, make sure the AC and condenser’s filters don’t need replacing and the seals are tight. You don’t want to let any preexisting damage get worse over the winter.


Disconnect the condenser from your power

One of the most important parts of shutting down your AC is disconnecting the condenser from the electricity. A condenser that still has power may turn itself on if there’s a warm spell during the winter. This can cause it to take damage when it sucks in snow and ice. You can disconnect the power by shutting off the breaker switch for the AC. It can often be found near the condenser under a flip-up switch or on the side of the house. When summer rolls around again and you want to use the AC, make sure you turn the switch back on or the AC won’t work!


Clean things up

With the condenser disconnected, it’s time to do a little more TLC. Grab your broom and sweep away any leaves and other debris on or around the condenser. After that, you should grab a low-pressure hose and clean off the outside cabinet. As it dries, double-check the condenser for any damage. If you find any, let us know the next time you work with us.


Cover it up

When the condenser completely dries, all that’s left is to cover it with a water-proof cover. You can buy one along with the bungee ropes to secure it at your local hardware store. If you have a water-proof tarp, that’ll work too as long as it completely covers the condenser.


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By Brian Renadette

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