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5 Reasons to Switch to LED Lighting

5 Reasons to Switch to LED Lighting

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LED lighting in Kansas by KB Complete

Are you looking at the various lighting options you have for your home? At KB Complete, we suggest giving LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting a try. The technology behind these lights is becoming easier to manufacture and more effective than conventional incandescent light bulbs. According to a Department of Energy estimate, widespread LED usage has the potential to save about 347 terawatt-hours per day by 2027. That represents $30 trillion in modern electricity prices. As well as being more effective than incandescent lights, there are plenty of reasons to get LED lighting.

Here are five reasons you should switch out to LED lighting:


Lower temperature, higher safety

Many lights can get dangerously hot because they aren’t very energy-efficient. Your average incandescent light bulb converts only 10% of the energy it uses into lighting. The rest of the energy becomes heat, which can burn you if you touch the bulb. As for LED lights, they use less energy, are better at converting energy into light, and don’t get nearly as hot. Also, they’re capable of working on low-voltage electrical systems.



Your average incandescent light bulb can run about 1,000 nonconsecutive hours before burning out. Meanwhile, compact fluorescent lighting can go for eight to ten thousand hours. However, the champion is LED lighting, which can run, depending on the quality of the light, from 30 to 50 thousand hours. Another lifespan-based feature of LED lights is that they don’t suddenly blink out when they die. Instead, dying LED lights dim over time. Combined with the long lifespan, this makes LED lights easier to care for.

Simple to dispose

Do you know how fluorescent lights generate light? They run electricity through mercury vapor, causing a reaction that generates ultraviolet light, which causes the phosphor-coated lamp to glow. The usage of mercury makes these sorts of lights much more difficult to dispose of. Oftentimes, products like those have special procedures for disposing of them properly. LED lights, however, can simply be recycled when you’re done with them.


Energy Efficient

LED lights only use about half as much energy as many conventional lights, and can save you money if you replace your home’s lights with them. What makes them so efficient? Individual LED lights are directional and only illuminate a semicircle. Other lights have a 360° range, no matter what kind of job they’re doing. This means LED lights don’t use as much electricity. In cases where a 360° is required, LED lights can be bundled together to form a bulb with the full 360° range. This form of lighting is still more efficient than conventional bulbs.


High CRI (Color Rendering Index)

A CRI rating represents how well a light shows natural colors. The very top of the scale represents the colors you see when seeing something under natural lighting. At the lower end of the scale, objects look more yellow and orange. LED lights, depending on the brand and model, have a solid rating between 65 and 95. The high rating means that LED lights are worth considering for any outdoor lighting you use.


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By Brian Renadette

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