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5 Signs You Need AC Repair

5 Signs You Need AC Repair

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After Memorial Day weekend, summer has really arrived. The hot weather and humidity are here to stay for the next few months which means you’ll be relying on your central air conditioner to keep your home cool and comfortable. AC breakdowns never happen at a convenient time and if it has issues on a hot day, you’ll be scrambling to stay cool. Luckily, there are signs you need an AC repair and when it’s time to call a professional HVAC company.

Signs You Need AC Repair

Odd Noises

Is your air conditioner making grinding and buzzing noises as it cycles? Is it rattling loudly as it runs? These types of noises can be signs of bigger issues. Rattling can be loose parts and the grinding can come from lack of lubrication between components. These types of issues can lead to needing a total system replacement if they’re not addressed when you first hear them. It’s best to call a professional for AC repair before these can cause permanent damage.

Blowing Hot Air

This is the easiest sign to notice and probably the one you want solved right away. An efficient air conditioner should be able to cool your home all day long. If you feel warm air coming out of your vents and the temperature is never what you set on your thermostat, it’s time to call a HVAC professional. This could be a sign of a leak or a broken compressor. Rest assured when you call KB Complete, our technicians will diagnose and solve whatever the issue may be.

Odd Odors

When you go near your vents, the air coming out should be clean and odor-free. If you smell must or mold, it’s a sign that mold is gorwing somewhere in your system. If you smell exhaust fumes, it’s most likely leaking cooling fluids. If you ever smell burning wires, we recommend turning off the unit and calling someone right away. Whatever may be causing the odd smells, you should call KB Complete to diagnose and repair your air conditioner.

Constant Cycling

You air conditioner is built to cycle on and off regularly. If you find it’s frequently cycling more than usual, it could be a sign of a larger issue within the unit.

High Electric Bills

Central air conditioners use a fair amount of electricity and your electrical bills will reflect that during the summer months. However, if you compare your typical summer bills and find there is a large surge, your AC unit could be the culprit. We can help keep your air conditioner running at its most efficient- which saves you money.

Call KB Complete Today

Whatever your air conditioner troubles, KB Complete is here to solve them! Our team has beens serving the greater Kansas City area for almost 30 years. We pride ourselves on being the kind of company you can refer to a friend- meaning we’re dependable, honest, and fair. We bring the best customer service experience and want you to feel confident in any work we complete. Whether your air conditioner needs a new part or a total replacement, call KB Complete today!

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