6 Home Projects You Can Do Before the 4th!

The Perfect Time To Tidy Up!

Summer is quite an ideal time for the completion of home improvement projects, be it a landscape update, building a new sunroom or deck, the installation of a new siding, or repairing windows. There is no project either too big or too small for the summer months.

You will often notice an uptick in customers at your local home improvement store during the summer, with longer daylight hours and the warm weather making it a prime time for homeowners to get outside and catch up on the various maintenance projects.

Tackling some of the major home improvement projects during the summer months can significantly minimize inconveniences to your family. Some of the home improvement projects to undertake before the start of summer include;

Cleaning and updating your deck

clean deckNailing down the loose deck boards in your deck makes for a simple home improvement project. Loose deck boards can prove hazardous although they are quite easy to fix.

Use a hammer or screwdriver applied to a nail or screw, one that can easily go through the board and into the deck’s framing, to refasten any boards that are loose.

Once you are done with the repairs of your deck, proceed to thoroughly clean it. Summer offers the ideal time to refinish the deck, re-oil wood, or scrape off the old paint and repaint your deck. A beautiful gloss applied to a wooden deck does not merely protect it, but also makes it appear new.

Landscaping Improvements and Lawn Care Tips

Landscaping is also one of the home improvement projects that are ideal for summertime. You could add curb appeal and an overall aesthetic value to your home in an inexpensive way by simply updating your yard.

The addition of a few colorful flowering plants including daisies, asters, iris, and dahlia can go a long way towards ensuring you home looks appealing. Ensure you trim all the trees and bushes that require trimming, and prune where necessary.

Normally, pruning helps plants to grow even more vigorously. While moving around your yard, keep a keen eye out for pests such as termites, bees, and any other insects that might infest your yard and cause harm to you, your family, or your plants.

Check Your Outside Faucets, Gutters and Water Retainers

outside faucetDuring the summer, your outside faucets will be more in use compared to any other season since you will need to water your lawn and backyard to ensure your plants survive the hot summer months.

It is, therefore, important that you check to confirm that they are all working properly, and in case any are not, arrange for an immediate replacement. Faucet units can easily be purchased at your local home improvement store and with the help of a professional plumber, you are certain to get the right fit.

Additionally, check your gutters and water retainers since you will need to retain and preserve the most amounts of water during the summer. Clean both the gutters and water catchment, and if you are unable to, engage the services of a professional.


Summer offers a perfect time to effectively repave your driveway, especially with the certainty of ideal weather conditions for such home improvement projects. You will achieve much better paving results due to a better adhering, compared to when it is cold, plus repaving when it is either raining or snowing is just a bad idea. Summer is also a good time put in some work to your property’s walkways.

Replacing and Repairing Your Windows

windowsThe addition of caulk around your doors and windows can ensure you save significantly on energy bills in addition to making your home more comfortable. The repair of doors, garage doors, and windows, is a fairly simple home improvement project. To successfully add caulk, you will require a caulking gun, caulk, and a putty knife.

If this is your very first time, it is advisable to first practice on a piece of lumber. The trick is to move your hand at a steady pace and apply the same amount of pressure when squeezing out caulk. In the event that your windows are well beyond repair, replacement is the best option.

When considering the installation of replacement windows, it is important to get bids on such projects early in the summer, since the companies that offer such services often have less work and slower days during the winter months, but end up being extremely busy during summer.

Inspect your Home Insulation

The summer is also an ideal time to check on all your home insulations for any malfunctions, which includes unventilated attics, leaky plumbing, and the performance of your A/C unit.

The onslaught of the hot summer months requires a certainty that your A/C units will function at optimal levels. Replacing or cleaning the filter, checking on all of the hose connections for leaks, and ensuring the drain pans flow in a free manner, are part of inspecting your insulation.

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean out any dust particles that can be in your unit, plus all its connections. Given time, dust particles can impact on the effectiveness of you A/C, and if you had problems the previous summer with your A/C’s performance, then contact a professional for a rigorous check.

Ensure the functionality of your ceiling fans is appropriate. It is important to engage a qualified HVAC service provider to thoroughly clean and maintain your air conditioning unit. When the coils are clean, you are assured of no freezing possibilities, on top of an efficient operation.


Since the summer months offer an ideal time for some home improvement projects, it is important to ensure you are well prepared for said projects. A key step towards ensuring your summertime projects are a success is the identification of a reliable home improvement store and assistance from your nearest Plumbing and HVAC business.

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