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6 Signs You Should Consider Rewiring in Kansas

6 Signs You Should Consider Rewiring in Kansas

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rewiring in Kansas by KB Complete

As houses and their wiring get older, the wires become more likely to fail and cause some serious issues. To avoid a wiring fault, you’ll have to get regular rewiring work from KB Complete, one of the best home service companies in Kansas. But how can you tell that your wiring is starting to get old and in need of a replacement? KB Complete can give you plenty of advice on how to recognize when your wiring needs to go.

Here are six signs you need to get rewiring for your Kansas home:

Aluminum wiring

Between 1965 and 1973, about two million homes were built with aluminum wiring instead of the traditional copper. The reason it was only used for that long is because of a variety of flaws compared to copper wiring. Some of these issues include incompatibility with modern devices, overheating problems, and splitting and fraying, which can be a serious fire hazard. Fortunately, it’s easy to recognize aluminum wiring due to the ‘AL’ written on the jacket.

Electrical shocks from cords

If you’ve ever gotten an electrical shock when plugging or unplugging an electrical cord, you should be concerned. This is a common sign of faulty wiring and it represents a serious issue. If you experience an electric shock like that one, you should call us immediately.

Discolored/charred outlets and switches

It’s not a good sign when your outlets and switches appear to have changed color. Loose connections in your outlets and switches can cause arcing and sparking. The small fires caused by this can char and discolor the outlets and switches covering the wiring. It’s possible for these tiny fires to do severe damage, so you should call a professional as soon as you can.

Lighting issues

You shouldn’t be too concerned about flickering lights caused by a loose or defective bulb. However, if every light in your home is acting up, the problem might be the wiring. A similar issue is when your bulbs burn out in their sockets despite being the right wattage. That’s caused by the fixture being unable to handle the bulb’s wattage, which can also be fixed by wiring.

Burning smells

If you can smell something burning, it’s not your heart. However, it could likely be faulty wiring. You should turn off the power at the circuit and call a technician as soon as you can. Failure to do so can result in an electrical fire.

Blown fuses and tripped circuit breakers

Fuses and circuit breakers act as a line of defense against electrical fires by cutting off the power when it can’t handle the load. It’s possible for fuses to blow or breakers to trip if your wiring is getting worn to the point where it can’t handle your home’s electricity. Of course, there are other reasons your fuses can blow or your circuit breaker trips, such as faulty or overheating appliances. If you’re unsure, use a circuit breaker tester to make sure everything works fine.

What makes KB Complete my best choice for doing electrical work?

KB Complete has almost 35 years of experience working with electrical systems around Kansas. Our highly trained technicians, some of which boast a long history in the home service industry, are your best bet for handling dangerous rewiring jobs. In addition, we offer a personalized experience that puts the customer first and offers same-day service. If you’re looking to get some rewiring done for Kansas home, call the experts at KB Complete!

By Brian Renadette

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