7 Useful Tips for Preparing Your Home for the Fall        

As a homeowner, there are always tasks and repairs to attend to keep your home running smoothly. In addition to your ongoing maintenance, there are some tasks specific to the fall season that should be done in order to prepare your home for the winter.

Here is our list of tips to get your home ready for the season ahead.

1 – The Yard

lawn-careWrap any plants or shrubs to protect them from cooler temperatures that will be coming. Also trim back any hedges or trees with branches that may pose a threat to power lines or to your home, should they fall down during a winter storm.

While you are outside, clean out the gutters from any debris. This can cause clogs and damage when the snow melts after the winter. Power wash your deck and clean and put away patio furniture and children’s outdoor toys.

2 – The Furnace

Before the cold weather arrives, schedule a furnace tune-up. A professional once-over means that they’ll clean and run diagnostics on your furnace components. You’ll want to identify and take care of any problems that might exist now. You don’t want your heat to cut out on you in deep dark January!

3 – Small Repairs

Take some time to circulate through your home to attend to small repairs, like loose handles, burnt out light bulbs and leaky faucets. Check that your plumbing is working well, and the drains are draining properly. Pay particular attention to bathrooms that you don’t use regularly.

4 – Seal up Draftsmicrofiber-on-your-windows

Check out your windows and doors to see if there is any cracked or damaged caulking. You’ll want to seal those up.

You don’t want to waste heat (and money) by letting it waft through cracks to the outdoors. Take a few minutes and wash the windows as well, inside and out.

5 – The Hot Water Tank

Flush out your hot water tank and get rid of the sediment. Inspect your hot water tank for any brewing damage, like pooling water or rust.

6 – Visit the Attic

Head on up to the attic and inspect the insulation.  In order for optimum heating in your home, the insulation must be in place. Sometimes in windstorms and the like, the insulation can shift around. You can push it back into place with a broom.

7 – Put Hoses Away

Shut off outdoor faucets and put hoses away for the season. If you’ve got a sprinkler system, flush out the air before shutting down the system, because the pipes might freeze over the winter.

If your fall checklist uncovers a bigger problem, don’t put it off.  Call KB Complete Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, Inc., in Shawnee, KS, to take care of it today at (913) 722-6835.