5 Ways to Save Money on Your Utility Bill

In the United States, a recent report shows that household utility bills average around $163 per month. Alarmingly, the data collected also indicates a 2 percent increase in household spending on utilities alone. Electricity rates, in fact, add more than $250 to a household’s annual electricity bills. Here’s 5 ways you can protect your finances from the steadily increasing electricity rates being experienced today by households across the Kansas City area.

Kansas City, MO utility-savings-tipsAdjust Your Thermostat

During warm days, raise the degree on your thermostat, preferably above 78. If done yearlong, this can lower the cooling bills by up to 10 percent without compromising comfortable temperatures indoors. Make it a habit to turn your thermostat a few degrees up before leaving for work or traveling out of town.

Cook With a Microwave Oven

Whenever you can, cook with a microwave oven. It’s cheap and consumes 30 percent less power than traditional, bulky ovens. Another upside of switching to a microwave is that it doesn’t heat up the kitchen while you’re cooking.

Maintain Your Electrical Systems

If you’ve got an old AC system that’s all busted up, consider replacing the unit with an energy-efficient system rather than having it repaired on a regular basis. The initial costs of buying an energy-efficient unit can be steep, but over time you are able to recoup it through lower utility costs per month. Once you’ve got an AC system with a SEER rating, make sure to have it maintained regularly.

Use an Irrigation Meter

Most households are unaware of the fact that they are being charged twice for the water they use per month. The first charge comes when water is pumped into the house for consumption. The next one, to pump it out of the household and into the sewage. Having an irrigation meter ensures that you only pay for the sewage capacity you utilized for that month.

Unplug Devices After Charging

This is especially common with teenagers and young adults. They plug in their phone for charging and then leave it there even when the battery hits Full Charge status. Others unplug their device but leave the charger or the extension port plugged into the power outlet. This can still consume electricity hence increasing your monthly utility bill.

Use these 5 ways to turn your household into an energy-efficient environment. Have a Kansas City electrician visit the site and give you recommendations on how to further make your household more efficient and service any electrical systems that need maintenance or repair.

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