Kansas City Boiler Repair & Installation

Is your boiler in need of service? For reliable Kansas City boiler repair and replacement, call KB Complete. Our experts have you covered at (913) 722­-6835. Find out how you can save instantly on your next service with our online deals and coupons. Click here for savings.

Boiler Repair & Installation Kansas City

Dealing with a broken boiler can be disruptive and annoying to your daily routines. Your boiler is an appliance that you expect to simply work. For reliable and efficient solutions to all your boiler problems, go with the professionals that Kansas City, KS-MO trusts: KB Complete.

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Signs you Need Boiler Service

Chances are, if you need boiler service, you will experience one or more of the following signs. If you notice any of these issues with your boiler, call the professionals right away for a full assessment and repair.

  • Unusual sounds coming from the boiler -­ If you hear strange gurgling or whistling noises, it could be a sign of air in the boiler, or lower water levels.
  • Kettling ­- This usually occurs if there is a buildup of lime in the boiler. If you experience a deep rumbling sound from your boiler, your boiler may have some kettling.
  • Boiler shuts off all the time ­- A problem with your thermostat could cause the boiler to turn off when it’s not supposed to. It could also mean a closed valve or improper air circulation.
  • No hot water ­- A broken thermostat, broken air valves or failing motorized valves can all cause a lack of hot water.
  • Cold radiators ­- If your radiators are failing to heat, it means there are corroded pipes somewhere in the system, causing sludge to gather.

Should you Replace Instead?

There are some instances where replacing a boiler is the better option than repairing. If you’re noticing rising heating costs or if your system is old and out of date, we may recommend a full replacement.

Replacing your entire unit may end up saving you more money in the long run, since a modern unit will work more efficiently and require less repairs. When our technicians recommend a replacement, they always ensure to give you plenty of options within your budget. Guiding you through the entire process from start to finish, replacing a boiler is no longer the difficult job it used to be.

For the Best Boiler Services, Call KB Complete

Whether your boiler is not working or you are interested in getting more information about replacement, the friendly professionals at KB Complete in Kansas City can help. Call (913) 722­-6835 for more information and an estimate.