myth-or-factCommon Plumbing Myths

Your home plumbing system is designed to efficiently provide you with access to water for all household requirements. But without a clear understanding on the system’s performance, you may not be able to pinpoint plumbing issues before they become a long-standing and expensive problem to resolve. And so to help guide you in safeguarding your home and ensuring plumbing systems performance, we’re highlighting several common myths in this new post.

Leaking Faucets Aren’t that Expensiveleaking-faucet

You might think that a small drip from the tap isn’t going to cost you too much. But over time, this drip can lead to hundreds of dollars in additional water-use costs. And so, if your home taps are dripping on a regular basis, you might have an expensive leak that must be fixed.

Work with a local plumber in your area to identify leaks quickly and ensure they’re resolved before they impact your home budget.

Water Heaters Cannot Explode

Your home water heater works under significant amounts of pressure. Water must be heated to a high temperature and this can sometimes lead to dangerous conditions in your home. On rare occasions, water heaters have exploded when they have not been maintained effectively over several years.

To counteract this potential scenario, and safeguard your home, it’s important that you work with a plumber that understands water heater maintenance, and can help you to identify the signs of an on-going problem, then correct that problem using their technical understanding.

clogged-drainsPlungers Can Fix All Clogging Problems

Yes, plungers can be a lifesaver on those days when your toilet system isn’t working and water is backing up into the bathroom space. But that doesn’t mean your simple bathroom tool can resolve all clogging issues.

There are some clogging problems, particularly related to oils and liquid clogs that can only be resolved by the professionals. That’s why you should call a plumber if the clog hasn’t been resolved after several hours using the plunger.

Draining Water is Indicative of a Functioning System

Just because water is going down the drain, it doesn’t mean your system is working to optimal performance. If water is draining slowly, it could be that you have a blockage lower in the system that must be addressed by a professional. Review your drainage service options if you notice your home drain taking a while to remove all the water in the basin.

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