4 Potential Causes of a Burning Furnace Odor

Has your Kansas City home’s heating system been giving your home a smoky smell this winter season? You may have more to worry about than covering the smell. Burning smells from your furnace can come from multiple places, but, almost always mean a fire risk. Here are the top 5 reasons furnaces produce a smoke smell.

Kansas City, KS furnace-repair-servicesTrouble with your electrical wiring –

A furnace’s electrical components can overheat causing your furnace to produce an electrical smoke smell that should not be ignored. The problem may be with your heat-exchange, motor, or other electrical component. If you suspect electrical causes, turn off your heater and contact a professional immediately.

Combustible items blocking the heater –

Often times, a smoke smell will fill the house when part of the furnace has been blocked by combustible items. Since heaters are usually in the basement, large boxes, cardboard, seasonal decorations and other items can come too close to the furnace. This causes a burning smell to fill your house. Move the boxes and items away from the furnace and keep a fire extinguisher handy in case of fire.

Dust in the unit –

After sitting unused all spring and fall the furnace can become filled with dust. While not all dust is flammable, large quantities of dust are often the cause of furnace fires. Make sure to have your unit properly cleaned by a professional, not only will you lower the risk of fire, you’ll benefit from a lower cost to heat your home.

Filter issues –

Proper care of a furnace includes a frequent change of the filter within the unit. Not only will a filter help you breathe easier, by cutting down on dust particles within your home, It will also aid you in keeping your utility bills lower.

Changing your filter every year also keeps your furnace from running too hot, as older filters become clogged and restrict air. With each New Year, remember to replace the filter with a new, approved filter made specifically for your furnace.

If you smell smoke coming from your home’s furnace, immediately contact a professional to inspect your unit and remove the cause. Putting off maintenance on a furnace can lead to fires, damaged units, and put your family and your Kansas City home at risk.

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