Hydro Jetting vs. Snaking to Keep Your Drains Running Smoothly

Man With PlungerYou often don’t even notice your plumbing until it’s not working and then it is a real headache. If a clogged drain is what is behind your plumbing woes, there are a number of easy solutions available to you.

The first tool that you should reach for is a plunger. Place it firmly over the clogged drain and pump up and down, creating a suction vacuum which is often all that you need. Clog problem removed. If you are unsuccessful with this method, it’s time to try out other ideas, like snaking and/or hydro jetting.

Hydro Jetting is Best Left to Professionals

You’ve heard the saying, “don’t try this at home”. That’s the case when it comes to hydro jetting. The strong force of the pressured water spray that is utilized in hydro jetting can pose a real problem to your pipes if you don’t know what you are doing. A technician trained in this technique can check to see if your pipes are sturdy enough to be cleaned out and not withstand damage.

Furthermore, the high pressure spray requires specific training to be used effectively.

When Might You Use Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is typically reserved for very hard to remove clogs, where material causing the clog is difficult to break down. It is very commonly used in a situation where a tree root has grown through piping, causing a blockage. The spray of water breaks the tree roots down before flushing them down the drain.

It’s an excellent idea to get your pipes cleaned out on a regular basis with hydro jetting. If you cook a lot and pour debris and grease down your drains, residue builds up over time, eventually causing clogs.

I’ve Heard of a Plumbing Snake. What is it Exactly?

plumbing-snakingIt is a trusty plumber’s tool, which is a long metal, pliable cable, usually with a corkscrew-type tip on the end. It coils like a snake, which is where it got its name from.

You feed the snake down the pipe where the blockage is and apply pressure. The sharp end of the snake will break its way through the blockage. As your plunger works by using suction and pulling the clog out of place, this works in the opposite direction, pushing a hole through the debris.

The one drawback with this method is that it doesn’t create a very large path and may not be useful in some circumstances.

When do I use a Plumbing Snake?

Typically, you would use a plumbing snake as a next step if your plunger doesn’t work, if you are unsure of the nature of your clog. If you know you are up against something substantial, you may make your way straight to the hydro jet option.

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