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A sump pump is a key part of a safe basement, as it protects it from flooding. They can last for about ten years, but it’s always possible for something to go wrong before they reach retirement age. The last thing you want is to have a surprise basement flooding because your sump pump isn’t […]

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Ductless Installation KB Complete If you have a radiant heating system, space heaters or hydronic heat, you may be interested in switching to ductless. They are also a good choice when you’re adding rooms to a home that doesn’t have a traditional ducted system, or for spaces that are very energy efficient and only need […]

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Outdated Wiring Is Dangerous – KB Complete can help As wiring becomes outdated, problems occur that inconvenience you. You may find yourself in the dark a lot due to frequently tripped circuits or blown fuses. You might not have enough power to run all of your appliances, lights, and devices at the same time. You […]

By Dan Burrows

If you take pride in your home’s yard and garden, broken sewer lines are a big concern for you. Even more so than the average homeowner. When most companies perform sewer repairs, they have to dig a big your yard to reach the pipes. However, what if we told you there was a way to […]

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If you’re like most homeowners, you haven’t put a lot of thought into your home’s electrical panel.  In many older homes, however, the electrical panel can wear out and need to be replaced in order to keep up with modern electrical demands.  If your electrical panel is showing signs of needing to be replaced, then […]

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As houses and their wiring get older, the wires become more likely to fail and cause some serious issues. To avoid a wiring fault, you’ll have to get regular rewiring work from KB Complete, one of the best home service companies in Kansas. But how can you tell that your wiring is starting to get […]

By Brian Renadette
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