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AC Repair & Installation Lee’s Summit, MO

Regular maintenance on your heating and cooling systems is the key to ensuring a long and repair-­free life for your units. By ensuring your AC or heater is running efficiently, you can stay on top of any problem areas and confirm that your system is running efficiently. At KB Complete, we offer comprehensive heating and cooling services in Lee’s Summit, MO.

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Symptoms of Evaporator Coil Issues

The evaporator coil is the component that cools the air being pumped into your home. It’s a very important part of the air conditioner. If you are experiencing any of the following issues, it could mean something is wrong with your evaporator coil:

  • Uneven cooling in your home, resulting in random warm spots
  • AC unit that turns on and off constantly without actually cooling anything
  • Clanging noises coming from the air handler
  • Warm air instead of cold air coming from your vents
  • Increased humidity in your home
  • Strange noises coming from the condenser unit

If the evaporator coil is malfunctioning, the condenser unit will need to work harder to compensate. Any issue with your AC should be addressed immediately to reduce any further damage to the system. If you experience any of these issues, call KB Complete right away.

Why Use a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are gaining popularity with homeowners, as more people are opting to install a heat pump instead of a traditional heater or furnace. Some of the benefits of using a heat pump include:

  • Money saving -­ Since a heat pump uses the air outside temperature or below surface ground temperature to heat or cool the air, the unit can use less energy to run. This leads to increased efficiency and a lower heating bill each month. Heat pumps can also work on alternative heat sources such as solar power.
  • Fewer repairs -­ Heat pumps use fewer components and parts than traditional heaters, therefore they don’t require repairs as often.

Other Heating & Cooling Services

  • Heater Repair and Maintenance
  • Heater Installation and Replacement
  • Furnace Installation and Replacement
  • Furnace Repair and Maintenance
  • AC Installation and Replacement
  • AC Repair and Maintenance
  • AC Filter Replacements
  • Air Handler Services
  • Ductless Mini Split AC Systems

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