Kansas City Outlet Switch & Installation

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Outlet Switch & Installation Kansas City

Depending on the size of your home, you may have tens or hundreds of switches and outlets. They are the final step before electricity makes its way to your appliances or devices. These switches and outlets are extremely important, which is why their installation and repair should be handled by expert electricians only. At KB Complete, we provide the highest quality service for your outlets and switches, making sure Kansas City, KS-MO receive their power safely and efficiently.

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Why are GFCI Protected Outlets Useful?

GFCI protected outlets are beneficial in the home since they prevent electrocution. GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter and are most often seen in modern kitchen, laundry room, garage and bathroom outlets, or most rooms that can come in contact with water. They work by detecting when someone is going to receive a shock, and shut off before injury can happen. A GFCI protected outlet can be “restarted” by pressing the buttons on the outlet.

Three Types of GFCI Outlets

There are three main types of GFCI outlets:

  • Receptacle ­- This is the most common kind that resembles a regular outlet with the little black and red buttons on it.
  • Circuit breaker GFCI’s -­ These GFCI’s protect the receptacles on an entire circuit.
  • Temporary ­- These are often portable and used on construction sites to protect workers.

In any situation where the potential for getting a shock is present, it’s important to use GFCI protected outlets.

Common Switch and Outlet Situation Problems

If you look online, one of the most common home DIY’s is installing switches and outlets. We never recommend doing your own wiring work since professionals have more experience and can work within your state’s building codes. With installing outlets there is also the added danger of electrocution, injury or even death. Improper installation can lead to outlets and switches not working properly, or even becoming a fire hazard.

Upgrading your outlets to newer, more modern devices takes specific steps that most homeowners are unaware of, and most insurance companies will not accept claims if you did the wiring and outlet installation in your home by yourself.

At KB Complete, our electricians want to make sure your home is safe and on par with building codes. Trust us with all your outlet and switch needs. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to help. Call (913) 722-­6835 today for a free quote.