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Electrical Overland Park, KS

Electrical jobs should always be left to professionals. When dealing with wiring, circuits and fuses, an amateur runs the risks of electrocuting themselves or causing serious damage to the system. DIY electrical work is so frowned upon that most insurance companies won’t even accept claims from homes that have performed their own work. At KB Complete, you can trust your Overland Park, KS home with us. Our capable electricians work to all the building codes and get the job done right the first time.

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Reasons Outlets Stop Working

There are many reasons why an outlet in your home could be malfunctioning. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Overloaded circuit causing a tripped breakers.
  • The outlet itself has been turned off. This can occur from a recent power outage, or even a tripped breaker.
  • GFCI Outlet kicking in. The GFCI outlets in your home are the ones with the little red and black buttons on them. They will sense if someone is going to get a shock and turn off before it happens. If your GFCI outlet has kicked in, you will need to reset it.

Never try and perform outlet repair yourself. Whenever there is wiring involved, there is a chance of serious injury. Call the professionals instead.

Reasons to Replace your Breaker Panel

  • Damaged service cables between your structural mount and breaker panel.
  • Water or moisture damage. This can cause serious issues such as fires and electrocution. If your breaker panel has water in it, do not touch it!
  • To repair an improper installation.
  • To replace an old or obsolete breaker. If there are no service parts available for your breaker, you should definitely upgrade.
  • Overpowering or underpowering issues. If you’re constantly blowing fuses you may need to replace the entire unit. If you are doing a renovation or adding more electrical devices in your home, you may also need to upgrade to accommodate.

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  • Electrical Repair
  • Breaker or Fuse Repair and Replacement
  • Generator Repair and Installation
  • Panel Box Upgrades and Installations
  • Outlet Switch Repair and Installation
  • Wiring Repair and Replacement
  • Lighting Replacement and Installation
  • Dimmer Lighting

If you are experiencing any electrical issues or are looking to install or upgrade the electrical devices in your home, don’t try and DIY. Call the professionals right away. The team at KB Complete is efficient and honest, providing top quality service to the Overland Park, KS area. Call (913) 722­-6835 today for a quote.