Kansas City Panel Box Upgrades

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Panel Box Upgrades Kansas City

If you consider that all the electrical devices and appliances in your home are powered through your panel box, you can understand how important it is. Your panel box controls everything electrical in your home, so if it is malfunctioning or not doing what you need it to, it may be time for an upgrade. KB Complete in Kansas City, KS-MO have all your panel box needs covered.

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What is a Panel Box?

The panel box is the gray metal box that holds all your breakers and circuits. It is the home for all the electricity in your house. Typically the panel box is located in the garage, basement or utility room of your house.

Reasons to Upgrade

There are many reasons why you should upgrade your panel box. Some of the top reasons we see people upgrade include:

  • Constantly Shorting Out ­- If your panel box frequently blows fuses, trips breakers or causes other electrical problems in your home, you may need an upgrade.
  • Operating Dangerously -­ Hearing hissing sounds or noticing rust or corrosion around your panel box is another reason to upgrade. These issues can cause serious disruptions to your power and are potentially dangerous.
  • Renovations -­ If you are undergoing renovations at your home, it may be the perfect time to upgrade your panel box. New electrical devices and appliances may require more amperes of power that your current panel box is not able to provide.
  • Obsolete Parts -­ Over time, new panel boxes will always replace old and outdated boxes. If your panel box no longer has any service parts available, it is definitely time for an upgrade.

The Professional Difference

As with all electrical work, we do not recommend taking the do­it­yourself route. Working on breakers in the panel box can be dangerous. Even a dead circuit can emit hundreds of amperes of power that could cause a lot of damage if not handled properly.

When you hire the professionals at KB Complete you can be assured that the work will be carried out safely and efficiently, with building codes respected as well.

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