Summer is Coming. Time to Prepare Your AC

Do you make a point every year of preparing your A/C prior to the hot summer months? The time to do it is now and it is a habit to keep up every year.

The benefits are numerous. Including energy efficiency, cost savings, a chance to extend the life of your system, comfort, convenience and peace of mind that your home will stay cool just when you need it the most.

We’ve compiled a list of the best ways to get your A/C all ready for summer.

Consider Replacing Your Unit

How old is your A/C? If it is older than 10 years, there is a high probability that it will need to be replaced very soon, simply due to age.efficiency

Over time, system parts deteriorate and while you can maintain them with regular service for longer, eventually you do need a new one.

There is an upside in upgrading though. You can benefit from newer models that are more energy efficient.

While there is an initial cost to purchase, you’ll save more money in the long run.

Telltale signs that it’s time to replace your A/C include moisture on or around the unit, higher energy bills, lack of cold air, lack of air flow or weird noises coming from your unit.

The Best Thermostat Settings

Your thermostat settings represent another opportunity to be energy efficient in your home.

save-thermostatIf you are comfortable, set your interior temp to 78°F.

Use low-tech methods to remain cool, like running your ceiling fan or keeping the curtains drawn during the day.

Also consider investing in a programmable thermostat.

Programmable thermostats will let you adapt the A/C’s energy consumption around your schedule, reducing your overall usage and your energy bills at the same time.

Another wise energy efficient move is to invest in zone cooling, which lets you apply more cool air to where you need it at home and less to where you don’t.

Inspection Time

Of all the things that you do to prepare your A/C for summer, make sure that you schedule an inspection.

The reason being is that through this regular maintenance, you can identify and fix smaller problems before they have a chance to develop into bigger issues that could cause your unit to break down.

Air conditioners also run more efficiently when they are clean.