The Latest HVAC Technologies

Though very critical to the comfort of the Kansas City, KS home occupant and for the productivity of the employee, HVAC systems consume a considerable amount of energy. It is estimated that HVAC systems generally account for over 50% of the total energy consumed in buildings, which makes them a prime opportunity for cost-saving measures.

Some of the latest technologies in this field include:

Kansas City, KS Heating and CoolingOn-Demand Control

Typically, HVAC pumps operating in the majority of domestic hot water systems in multi-family setups will be operating 24/7, unnecessarily escalating energy bills. New controls are however emerging that establish when there is a ready demand for hot water in the house, and then initiating the pump operation only on demand. Obviously this brings welcome savings in your total energy bill.

Wi-Fi-Enabled Thermostats

These are new technological developments that are implementing energy saving measures by using incremental, automated, heating (and cooling)setbacks. They also come with the allowance for homeowner (end user) overrides in case you feel that you are experiencing any level of discomfort.

The Wi-Fi enabled thermostat gets to “learn” the homeowner’s preferences and maximizes energy savings accordingly while maintaining comfort.

Combined Water and Space Heating Systems

These systems employ a single thermal engine, usually a tankless water heater in providing hot water for domestic usage. Additionally, the system also supplies hot water through hydronic heating coil for heating space.

Basically this involves utilizing a single gas train and a single thermal engine for providing both space heating and hot water for a home.

Electronic Boiler Controls

This advanced technology goes further than the conventional reset controls for outside air. It is a learning control that closely monitors the domestic demand for hot water from your boiler systems. It then goes on to develop a response that is automated so that it will not fire up the boiler unless it has identified a genuine level of demand.

Wireless Steam Trap Monitoring System

These are more suited for industrial set ups. Steam traps with their failure levels lead to huge amounts of steam being lost in industrial systems. The new wireless technology constantly monitors the status of all your steam traps. Whenever they appear to fail, the system automatically notifies your maintenance department to change or repair the steam trap.

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While the above emerging technologies can offer you considerable cost savings, they may not be suitable for every individual situation. Consult a reputable HVAC contractor about which technology is most suitable for your specific application.

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