Kansas City Wiring Repair & Replacement

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Wiring Repair & Replacement Kansas City

The wiring in your home is responsible for powering all your devices and appliances. Without proper wiring you can say goodbye to television, charging tablets and other devices, as well as your lights. If the wiring in your Kansas City, KS-MO home is starting to act up, call the experts at KB Complete.

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Aluminum Vs. Copper

In most cases, older homes are equipped with aluminum wiring. In this day and age, copper wiring is the standard. Most insurance companies will not even insure homes with aluminum wiring. The reasons against aluminum wiring include:

  • Oxidization -­ An aluminum wire will oxidize over time, which could cause overheating issues in the wire. A copper pipe will not oxidize.
  • Softness ­- Aluminum is softer than copper and therefore can bend and cause disruptions at the terminal. Copper is more sturdy.
  • Incompatible -­ Modern devices are usually not compatible with aluminum wiring.
  • Fire Hazard ­- Aluminum wiring has the tendency to split and fray, which could be a potential serious fire hazard in your home. Copper wiring will not do this.

If your home has aluminum wiring it is definitely in your best interest to upgrade to copper right away.

Other Reasons to Rewire Your Home

Other than dealing with aluminum wires, there are other reasons why you should consider getting wiring work done in your home:

  • Replacing old wires
  • If substantial electrical upgrades to your home have been done
  • If your home has suffered water damage
  • As a part of a renovation

Professional Installation you can Trust

With any electrical work in your home, it is always recommended to hire a professional to carry out the work. Whether it’s repairing a broken wire, replacing aluminum wiring or wiring a new home, the experts at KB Complete can do it safely and effectively.

Mishandling a wire can lead to electrical shock, fire or even death, which is why it’s extremely important to call a professional. Most insurance companies will also not accept claims on homes that were wired by amateurs, since a professionally trained and licensed electrician can ensure you are up to date on building codes.

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