Kansas City Breaker Panel Repair & Replacement

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Breaker Panel Repair & Replacement Kansas City

Your home is full of electronic devices and appliances that depend on electricity. If your breaker panel is not up to the challenge you could experience many problems and issues in your home. At KB Complete, our technicians are committed to providing prompt and efficient service, ensuring that your routine is disrupted as little as possible by your electrical problem.

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What is a Breaker Panel?

Somewhere in your home there is a gray metal box that in essence, controls all the electricity in your home. Inside this gray metal box is the breaker panel. The breaker panel controls and ensures the safe delivery of the electricity in your home. Without a breaker panel, none of your electronic devices or appliances will work. Similarly, if your breaker panel is malfunctioning, so will the electronic devices and appliances in your home.

Why Replace Your Breaker Panel?

There are many reasons to replace or repair your breaker panel. Some of these reasons include:

  • Damaged Service Cables -­ If there is a problem with the cables running from the electricity pole to the structural mount on your house, you should call your utility company to repair it. If the service cables are damaged between your structural mount and your breaker cable, call KB Complete ASAP for a fast repair.
  • Water or Moisture Damage ­- Moisture in your breaker panel is an extremely dangerous situation. If you notice moisture or leaking around the breakers, call a professional right away and stay away from the breakers.
  • Improper Installation ­- Right from the start, if the wiring on your breaker panel is not done correctly, it can cause numerous problems for you. The trusted experts at KB Complete can fix any mistakes and get you in order again.
  • Old or Obsolete Breakers ­- Over time, items in your home will experience wear and tear, if the breaker panel in your home is old, parts to fix it may not be available. At this point you should consider replacing the unit with a modern one.
  • Overpowering or underpowering ­- If you are renovating your home with new appliances or other devices, it might be a good idea to consider a new breaker panel. Breaker panels work by providing a certain amount of power, measured in amperes. If your renovations require you to have access to more power than your breaker panel can allow, an upgrade on your circuits is required.

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