5 Reasons to Get a Furnace Check-Up

Cold Weather ThermometerWinter is coming, and with the cooler, shorter days we will come to depend on our furnaces more and more.

With that in mind, it’s prudent to make sure to book an inspection to have your furnace professionally inspected and serviced before you begin using it heavily throughout the colder months.

Unfortunately, too many homeowners neglect these annual inspections because they don’t see the added value that qualified, ongoing service can provide.

Keep reading to learn 5 important reasons why you should get a furnace check-up this season:

1. The Days are Getting Cooler

Winter means colder months, and with those colder, darker days, we’ll be using our furnaces more and more to stay warm.

Because your system will be in use all winter, it’s important to ensure that it is working properly before you put it into heavy use. This way, you can avoid any issues or repairs which may be needed, and which may compromise your system’s ability to consistently deliver warm, comfortable air all season long.

2. It Hasn’t Been in Use All Summer

Starting your furnace up after a season-long slumber is hard on your system. Think of how you feel after you’ve been sitting in one place, or lying down, for an extended period of time: you often feel stiff, sore, and it takes a little moving about to start to feel like normal.

Your furnace works in a similar way: if it hasn’t been in use it will also take some time to get back up to running optimally, and in that time period issues can occur because your system is recovering from a long period of inactivity.

3. Safety Reasons

If a crack or leak is present in your furnace, then dangerous carbon monoxide gas may begin to leak out. This gas is colorless, odorless, and can be dangerous in large doses, which means that it’s important to have your furnace checked for compromises before you begin using it regularly.

4. Help Extend the Lifetime of Your Furnace

Home Air Filter ReplacementOne of the biggest benefits of regular furnace maintenance is that it can dramatically extend the lifetime of your unit.

When you schedule servicing, our qualified technicians don’t just do a quick once-over to see that everything is in proper working order.

We take the time to carefully examine your unit and to check for signs of both large and small problems so that we can repair them before you begin using your furnace regularly.

By taking care of smaller issues before they become big problems, your furnace will last longer and work more reliably for years to come.

5. Give Yourself Peace of Mind

Arguably, the biggest benefit of getting a furnace check-up is that you can rest easy knowing that your unit will keep you warm and comfortable all season long.

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