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6 Reasons to Get a Sump Pump Replacement in Kansas

6 Reasons to Get a Sump Pump Replacement in Kansas

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sump pump replacement in Kansas by KB Complete

A sump pump is a key part of a safe basement, as it protects it from flooding. They can last for about ten years, but it’s always possible for something to go wrong before they reach retirement age. The last thing you want is to have a surprise basement flooding because your sump pump isn’t working. That’s why we want to help you know when to call us for a sump pump replacement in your Kansas home.

Here are six signs you should call for a sump pump replacement in your Kansas home:


No water in the sump pit

Are you not seeing any water in your sump pit even though your pump is running? It’s possible the pit isn’t properly installed or connected to your drainage system. If this is the problem, disconnect your sump pump and give us a call to give it a look-over.


Clogged pump and switches

We suggest that every sump pump owner purchases an airtight lid for their pumps. Without one, dirt and other contaminants will likely get in there. The contaminants can get into the pit or onto parts, or jam and tangle switches. All of these problems can cause clogs.


Old age

Nothing lasts forever, and that includes your sump pump. If maintained properly, you can expect to get about a decade from your sump pump. However, several factors can influence your sump pump’s ‘age.’ Some of these include the pump’s quality, how often you use it, and how long it takes the pump to discharge water.


Constant running

You might have a serious problem if your sump pump runs constantly or runs no matter the weather. Sump pumps that run too much will cost you more in utility bills and cause the sump pump to die quicker. There are several reasons this might be happening. The float switch may be tangled or clogged. Alternatively, your pump might be the wrong size for the pit. It’s also possible the check valve is missing or broken. Depending on the water table or presence of underground springs, you might be dealing with a constant, heavy flow of water into the pit. Whatever is causing the problem, you should call our professionals to diagnose the problem and offer their suggestions.


Unusual noises

When you start hearing odd noises from your sump pump, you should check it for loose or damaged parts. Particularly noisy motors tend to have a bearing that isn’t working. Meanwhile, rattling and grinding noises mean you should check on the impeller. The impeller is the fan at the bottom of the sump pump.


Irregular cycling

Is your sump pump cycling on and off frequently, even during heavy rains when it should simply stay on? The most likely culprit is your float switch. If it’s not adjusted properly, it can make the pumps turn on when there are only a few inches of water. Another possible cause is a wiring problem. Finally, a short circuit in your home or the pump can cause it to sporadically start and stop.


How can KB Complete help me keep my basement dry?

KB Complete is a full­-service plumbing, HVAC, and electrical company. Since opening our doors in 1986, we have committed to providing our customers with top­-notch service and solutions that will leave you with long-­term peace of mind. We’re fast, reliable and fair. Our technicians can provide your home with the overall care it needs, from basic plumbing repairs to HVAC system replacements and maintenance.

We offer a selection of top, high-efficiency products from the names you trust, so you can be confident that your new systems will prove reliable for many years to come. Our fully-­equipped service trucks come stocked with thousands of repair parts and new fixtures, allowing us to carry out repairs on the spot without having to run out for supplies. This means you can return to your normal routine much faster. When it comes to service, KB Complete is proud to be “A Company You Can Refer To A Friend.”™ Call us today to learn more about our sump pump services!

By Brian Renadette

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