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The Dangers of an Undetected Plumbing Leak in Kansas

The Dangers of an Undetected Plumbing Leak in Kansas

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undetected plumbing leak in Kansas by KB Complete

Your home’s plumbing is a complex system that lets you enjoy clean and hot water. However, it’s not uncommon for something to go wrong behind the scenes. Wear and tear can slowly weaken your pipes and can cause them to clog or break. No matter how small it is, a plumbing leak in your Kansas home can become a serious problem. It can be especially dangerous if you don’t realize that there’s a leak causing damage to your home and bank account. But how can you tell that there’s a plumbing leak in your Kansas home?

Here are just some of the damage that a plumbing leak in your Kansas home can cause:


Warped wood

All types of wood are prone to warping when exposed to water. For instance, if doorways get exposed to too much water, it can make opening and closing door more difficult. You’ll want to look for even the slightest hint of damage. Common signs of warped wood include discoloration, uneven surfaces, and curved planks.


Damaged roofing shingles

You can often tell you have a roof leak by checking the shingles. Plumbing leaks affecting the roof tend to cause the shingles to become bald, curl, buckle, or go missing altogether.


Mold and mildew

One of the most common problems caused by plumbing leaks is the growth of mold and similar fungi. Heavy moisture, especially in warmer areas, can help facilitate the growth of these fungi, and they’re both known for causing health problems. These health problems can get especially dangerous if you’re exposed to a large number of their spores for a long time.


Musty smells

Mold, mildew, and similar fungi are well-known for having a musty odor. If you’re smelling musty smells in your home, it might be worth considering giving us a call.


Damaged flooring

Plumbing leaks are capable of damaging flooring of all types, not just wood. Be on the lookout for warping, stains, soft areas, loose or cracking tiles, peeling caulk, and damp carpets.


Cracked garage floor

Plumbing leaks aren’t restricted to happening above ground or in your house. When underground water lines leak, the water can cause cracks to appear in your garage floor. Also, underground leaks can make soil erode, making parts of the house settle at a lower level.


Damaged paint and wallpaper

When the pipes in your wall start to leak, the water can damage the paint or wallpaper covering it. You’ll often see peeling and warped paint or cracked and discolored wallpaper when this happens.


Warm, damp flooring

Damp floors usually represent a plumbing or foundation leak. However, if the dampness is also warm, your water heater or sewer line may be having some issues. It’s more of a problem when warm water leaks because warm, damp conditions are where mold flourishes.



You usually see condensation bead on your walls after a hot shower. However, if you’re seeing it a lot more than you should, something might be leaking behind the walls.


Stained walls and ceilings

When your roof is leaking, you may see stains appear on your walls and ceiling. If you look at the colors of the leak, you can often tell where the leak is coming from. Dark brown or copper-colored stains usually mean a pipe is leaking.


Why call KB Complete to fix my problems with leaks?

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By Brian Renadette

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