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Electrical Merriam, KS

When you require electrical work, the experts at KB Complete can ensure the work is carried out as per building codes in the most ethical and effective way possible. Our technicians can give you sound electrical advice and will always work with integrity and honesty.

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Most Common Electrical Repairs

It is never recommended to carry out your own electrical repairs. With the risk of electrocution or causing damage to your home, it’s often easier to call a professional. Some of the most common repairs we see every day are:

  • Indoor and outdoor lighting issues
  • Broken or damaged wall sockets
  • Damaged or malfunctioning outlets
  • Fixing or updating wiring that is broken or old
  • Repairing incorrect installations or DIY repairs

Why an Outlet Stops Working

Nothing can be more frustrating than plugging something in, only to find that your outlet has stopped working. There are many reasons why an outlet can die. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Tripped breakers can cause an outlet to stop working. If the outlet was overloaded the breaker will trip.
  • If the outlet is turned off it will not work. Outlets can turn off during a power outage, or a previously tripped breaker.
  • GFCI outlets will shut off if there is a risk of electrocution. A GFCI outlet could also cause surrounding outlets to stop working.

The Difference Between Breakers and Fuses

Breakers and fuses both provide the same services; they both protect your outlets and electrical devices from overloading by limiting the amount of electricity available to them. The way they go about limiting the electricity is how they differ.

A breaker is a spring loaded device that will “trip” if the electricity running through it gets to be too much. A breaker can trip multiple times and will not need to be replaced unless they break or malfunction.

A fuse works on the same principle, but instead consists of a metal strip that safely melts when the power is too much, interrupting the flow of electricity. A fuse can only blow once and it needs to be replaced.

More Electrical Services

  • Breaker Panel Repair and Replacement
  • Generator Repair and Installation
  • Panel Box Upgrades and Installations
  • Wiring Repair and Replacement
  • Outlet Switch Repair and Installation
  • Lighting Replacement and Installation
  • Dimmer Lighting

Whether you need wiring work, or installation of new electrical devices, don’t attempt a DIY. Call the professionals at KB Complete for fast, effective and affordable electrical services. Call (913) 722­-6835 today for a quote.