Water Waste Concerns: Why Saving Water for Summer Months is Key

conserve-waterManaging water waste and observing water conservation laws has become a part of being an American homeowner due to many regions of the country suffering from severe water shortages in the summer months.

While some homeowners have had these measures in place for many years due to a commitment to making a greener planet, other homeowners are new to the water conservation game.

However, after reading through the concerns related to saving water for summer months, you will have a better understanding of how you can reap the benefits of water saving.

America’s Poor Water Habits in Summer

Americans tend to have a bad track record with the environment, and summertime is especially hard on municipalities because everyone uses more water than usual. Sadly, a lot of this water is not used to sustain human life and is instead considered wasted.

Good examples of water spending that happen in typical American homes during the summer are watering the lawn, over filling the swimming pool and using water for cleaning the outside of the home on a daily basis. Another type of water that is considered wasted is rainwater that is not collected, and instead floods overtaxed municipal sewers.

The Financial Benefits of Water Saving in the Summer

The ways you could save water in your home can seem endless, but you can shorten the list around things that are going to save you substantial amounts of money. In addition to simple ideas such as having a plumber help you direct rainwater into the pipes that flush the toilets, you can also focus on your local options for rebates.

loading-a-dishwasher_480Water saving has become widespread, and each state has different expectations. For example, in areas that do not have severe droughts, they will have rebates for installing certain types of fixtures that are low-flow such as toilets, because this is part of a federal initiative.

Despite this, in areas of the country like Texas or California where water shortages are common, the list of rebates is much longer and includes more financial incentives.

Why Saving Water is Important, Especially in Summer

One of the ways that homeowners can protect their communities is by conserving water so that local agriculture can access as much as they need.

Too often, states are unable to tax agriculture because they experienced a drought and there was not enough water for irrigation. In other words, if there is a drought in your area, it can be critical to your state’s economy and your overall tax bill if you are doing your part to save as much water as possible.

Creating areas of irrigated land near cities is also crucial to preventing wildfires from consuming homes and businesses.

Types of Rebates Available for Water Conservation

In the state of Texas, several techniques such as purchasing pool covers are up for rebates and other unexpected offers. Although some homeowners assume that water saving rebates are only available for commercial or farming properties, most of them actually focus on the home.

For instance, an owner may forgo an irrigation system evaluation because they do not own a farm, but other improvements can be made by a plumber such as rainwater harvesting, pressure regulating valve installation, and water timer installation.

There are also free tools for water saving that vary by state and there are packages plumbers can help you with, such as ones that focus on water saving in landscapes.

Working with a Landscape Specialist for Water Conservation

rain-barrel-collection-systemOne of the best ways to save water is to avoid using it in the first place. Instead of focusing on collecting water, you can avoid using water for landscaping by completely replacing the turf.

This means that you can remove all of the grass and install a rock garden instead. There are also options for using that area to collect water by placing a drainage unit under the rock garden.

Landscapers can also help you grade the earth around your property to facilitate drainage into a cistern.

How Masonry Helps Water Saving and Cooling in the Summer

One idea that often gets overlooked is the effect of having masonry around a home and how it affects water collection as well as cooling the home.

In ancient Rome and the Middle East, it was common to have brick porches around the home because they helped direct water into collection drains for cisterns. The wet bricks also created cooling effects because it would retain water but when the sun beat down on them, it evaporated the water and had a cooling effect.

One other way ancient Romans kept cool was by building masonry in a way that it allowed rainwater to flow through aqueducts surrounding the home.

Receiving Grants, Scholarships and Other Funding for Water-Saving

Depending on which type of water waste collecting you do, there may be money that can pay for it. When you are working to protect the planet, other organizations are happy you are taking the initiative. In addition to government sources, do not forget that there are other nonprofits or charity agencies willing to pay for the additional cost for having water saving techniques installed.

These include scholarships, grants and other direct cash payments that can cover costs such as labor for installation. Depending on where you live, your age or your income level, you could be eligible for all of your water saving upgrades to be paid for in full.

Get water conservation support from us!

Obviously, some techniques for collecting, storing, filtering or reusing wastewater requires more than one contractor. In order to get your rebates and have your new system fully operational, we have the skills, tools and access to the range of reliable contractors that you need.

We can work with you and your budget to figure out which types of services you would like us to provide, and if something goes wrong in the future, we can fix the issue easily because we understand the technology used in these modern techniques.

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